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Thanks for dropping by!  As the sign says, I'm a screenwriter and author of the 1996 Random House novel Dark Debts.  You can find my bio and resume here, as well as advice for aspiring writers, recommended reading and a lot of other stuff I've collected. (See Writers' Reources)

 I have been a television writer for twenty years.  I am currently a Consulting Producer on the CBS series Judging Amy.  


In addition to novels and screenplays, I do some blogging in my spare time.  I maintain two blogs:  Afterthoughts and American Pie.


I used to describe myself as  very happily Catholic, but in the present climate, it's pretty difficult to make that claim.  At any rate, I am Catholic  and have collected lots of good Catholic links that might be of interest to someone.  Go to my Spiritual Pages to read more about that.  


For reasons that I both do and don't understand, I feel a very strong connection to Jesuit Spirituality.  I have collected a lot links for the benefit of anyone who shares this strange compulsion.  


I don't plan to make updates to this page very often, so if you want to stay current, please visit my recent events page, which I will update regularly.


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