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I am working on an odd assortment of things, as follows:


Judging Amy


I am now officially a staff writer on "Judging Amy".    (My official title is "Creative Consultant".  We have started filming the second season.  I'll post more info here when I have it.


The Sparrow, the screenplay

My friend Mary Russell and I are working on the second draft of the screenplay and hope to start showing it to people  by the end of September. 

The Endless Novel

"The God Game"  Which may or may not be a sequel to "Dark Debts", depending on my ever-changing whim.  It's still going very slowly and I don't think I'll ever be done.  (Unless you are my editor, in which case it's going great and I'll be Fedexing it to you any minute now...)
Web  Pages!
 Web Pages that I fantasize about having time to do:  (1)  The Disaster Area.  In addition to being a news junkie, I am a disaster junkie.  I'm going to do a page of my favorite American tragedies.  (2)  Hotels.  I have a thing for those grand old hotels that are still in business, like the Hotel Del Coronado (which even has its own trademark ghost!) near San Diego and the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina..  I'd write a book about them if I had time.  For now, I'm working on a web page about my favorites.