May 6th: "Life and Laughter" Literary Faire,

       Scripps Ranch Ranch, CA


       June 4-6: Focolare International Media

      Conference, Castelgandolflo, Rome, Italy


      August 13th:  "One Episode from Start

       to Finish", Act One Screenwriting

      Workshop, First Presbyterian Church,

       Hollywood, California


      September date TBA Inter-Mission,

      First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, CA


     (July: Available for speaking engagements in 

       or  around Atlanta)


      Note:  The subjects on which I speak (with or

      without authority) are television writing and

      producing, Dark Debts and the novel-writing

      experience Christianity and pop culture, and

      anything having to do with my career or

      my spiritual journey.  (Not that the two can

      be separated.)



Literary:  Bennett Ashley

c/o Janklow/Newborn/Ashley 

(212) 355-1724


Television and Film:  

Norman Kurland, 


(310) 281-3424


Speaking Engagements: 

Kathy Ganino  

(323) 836-3640


Editor:  Jonathan Karp

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