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The center of the universe:  St. Peter's Square.

My gang at lunch at a cafe around the corner from St. Peter's.  These are my friends and fellow Jubilee of Journalists Attendants.  Back row left to right:  Barbara Nicolosi (Director of Act One Christian Screenwriting Program) Sylvia Gambardi (CNN Producer) me; front row left to right:  Susan Gibbs (Director of Communications aor the Archdiocese of Washington, DC) Sister Michelle, Sister Anne, Sister Karen -- all Daughters of St. Paul.  The Daughters of St. Paul are an apostolic-contemplative congregation of women religious, founded in 1915 to evangelize with the media.  They produce books, radio, television and music from their own production facilities.  Numbering 2600 worlwide, the sisters also spend three hours a day praying for those who work in media.  (And God knows, we need it.)

  St. John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome.  This was my second favorite church, after St. Peter's.