by Karen Hall


Welcome to "Just Think!"  My online column.  Sort of.

For years now, I have fantasized about having my own column: a place to do some productive venting and to offer whatever insight I might have on a wide variety of subjects. I've toyed with the idea of finding a newspaper or magazine who'd be thrilled to have me.  Having never followed through on that threat, I've never had to confront the possibility that perhaps no one wants me.   At any rate, I'm keenly aware that such a venue would come with deadlines, and I have more than enough of those without going off in search of new ones.

So, I figure, that's why God made web pages.  (Thus proving that I have spent way too many years researching Jesuits, and have taken the challenge to "find God in all things" to an extreme...)

My original fantasy was that I would publish a new column here every week.  As I recall, that fantasy bit the dust in about a month.  And, as I began to tire of President Clinton's escapades, the mental search for subject matter became more than I wanted to add to my already existing eternal load of writer panic.  So my current plan is that I will write something new whenever the urge strikes me.  The beauty of not receiving a check for this thus revealing itself again.

As of now (winter of 2000) I am busy with my novel (either writing it or worrying about it) and I'm also once again dabbling in episodic television (there must be a 12 Step group for this...)and so I'm not writing any new columns.  But I am leaving the old ones up here for anyone who wants to read them. 

After all, that's why God made cyberspace.

Feel free to e-mail if you'd like to know how the new book is going, and I'll be happy to write back and whine about what a difficult time I'm having. (Unless you're my editor, in which case it is going unbelievably well and I will be finished any minute now.)

Happy reading...

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