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      This is the homepage of Karen  

       Hall, screenwriter and author of 

       Dark Debts. 

(Last updated 5-13-00) 


     Speaking Schedule

       May 6th: "Life and Laughter" 

       Literary Faire, Scripps Ranch

       Library, Scripps Ranch, California


       June 4-6: Focolare International

       Media Conference, Castelgandolflo,

       Rome, Italy


       August 13th: Act One

       Screenwriting Workshop, First

       Presbyterian Church, Hollywood,



       September date TBA:

       Inter-Mission, First Presbyterian

      Church, Hollywood, California


      (July: Available for speaking

       engagements in or around Atlanta)


       Note:  The subjects on which I

        speak (with or without authority)

        are television writing and

        producing, Dark Debts and the

        novel-writing experience,

        Christianity and pop culture, and

        anything having to do with my

        career or my spiritual journey.  (Not

        that the two can be separated.)



One of my many spiritual heroes, Pedro Arrupe, SJ







     Dark Debts, Random House  1996    




 Watch my episode,    "The    God Thing", on May 2, 2000    at 10 p.m. on CBS.




Dark Debts Movie       Update:  Chances are very good that Haley Joel Osment will be playing Vincent...  (In other words, don't wait by your Movie Phone.)  When we first sent the movie out, the standard response was "You can't make a movie with these themes."  Then the summer of 1999 came, and with it a few dozen demon movies.  Now the standard response is, "It's been done."  In other words, business as usual in Hollywood.




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