This is the homepage 

of Karen Hall, screenwriter

and author of Dark Debts. 


(Last updated 4-13-00) 

I am currently a series consultant

(read: glorified staff writer) on the

CBS series "Judging Amy".  Tuesday

nights at 10 p.m.  Please watch!



     Watch my episode, 

     "The God Thing", on 

     May 2, 2000 at 10 p.m. 

     on CBS.


    ( My sister Barbara is the 

     executive producer of

     the show, and one of

     its creators.  She has a 

     neat website maintained

     by yours truly.  Click

     below to go there!)


Barbara's Homepage 


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Literary:  Bennett Ashley

c/o Janklow/Newborn/Ashley 

(212) 355-1724


Television and Film:  

Norman Kurland, 


(310) 281-3424


Speaking Engagements: 

Kathy Ganino  

(323) 836-3640


Editor:  Jonathan Karp

Random House




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This set seemed appropriate, since 

I decided to become a writer at 

age 6 and it has been one of major 

through-lines in my life.  

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