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The second season of Judging Amy is in the can.  We finished our order of twenty-two episodes.  We are on hiatus right now and the writers will return to work on June 4th to start on season three.  As of that time, I will be a Consulting Producer for the new season and, God willing, the one that follows. 

 We have outlined the first seven episodes in broad strokes and will begin the season by filling in the details.  After those seven are fleshed out, writers will retire to their offices to write those episodes.  Our season premiere script will begin to prep on July 3rd and we'll start shooting a week after that.  We have a new lead-in (The Guardian) and competition from a new Bochco show, so we are not going to be coasting.  But we trust that our hard work will pay off in another successful season.

Any minute now I'm going to write about the Judging Amy writing staff.  Even though I am, admittedly, not objective, I think we have the best staff on network television.  (I'd have to put an asterisk by The Sopranos if I included cable.  David Chase is a genius and he has the best staff on television.)  Here are the people I will soon write about:

Executive Producer and Creator:  Barbara Hall (Credits:  Chicago Hope -- Executive Producer; Northern Exposure -- Executive Producer; I'll Fly Away -- Co-Executive Producer; Moonlighting -- Supervising Producer)

Co-Executive Producer:  Hart Hanson (Credits:  Cupid -- Producer; Snoops -- Executive Producer; many credits and awards in Canadian television)

Consulting Producer:  Joseph Dougherty (Credits:  Many, most notably writer/producer for Thirtysomething, for which he won an Emmy and created the brilliant character Miles Drintel.)

Executive Story Editor:  Lyla Oliver

Executive Story Editor:  Randall Caldwell

Non-writing but equally brilliant Executive Producer:  Joseph Stern

New in-house Director/Producer:  Daniel Sakheim

Note:  We just lost last season's Co-Executive Producers Nicole Yorkin and Dawn Prestwich because they have created a new show called The Education of Max Bickford, which will air this fall on CBS on Sunday nights at 8 p.m., right after "60 Minutes."  The series is about a college history professor and stars Oscar winners Richard Dreyfuss and Marcia Gay Harden.  We will miss Dawn and Nicole tremendously at Judging Amy -- especially at lunch -- but we're very proud of them and wish them great success!  Please watch their show! 

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