Karen Hall's Television Credits

                         1980 - 1982        M*A*S*H Story Editor; Executive Story Editor


                                                            "Father's Day"

                                                            "Communication Breakdown"

                                                            "Picture This"

                                                            "That Darned Kid"

                                                            "Strange Bedfellows"

                                                            "Hey Look Me Over"*

                                                            "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"*

                                                                        (*shared credit)



                            1982 - 1984           Hill Street Blues  Executive Story Editor


                                                            "Officer of the Year"

                                                            (*Co-writer on 22 other episodes)



 1986                        Moonlighting  Supervising Producer


                                                            "Big Man on Mulberry Street"

                                                            "Poltergeist One, Dipesto Zero"

                                                            (*co-writer on 7 other episodes)


1994                    Roseanne and Grace Under Fire (Creative Consultant)



                                 Movies of the Week and Miniseries:

                                                           Toughlove (1983)

                                                            The Betty Ford Story  (1984)

                                                            The Women of Brewster Place (1987)

                                                            Darkness Before Dawn  (1990)


                            Freelance Episodes:

                                                            Northern Exposure  ("Soapy Sanderson")

                                                            Maximum Security ("I Never Ran For My Father")

                                                            I'll Fly Away ("Slow Coming Dark" and "Fragile Truths")

                                                            Cupid ("Heart of the Matter")

                                                            Judging Amy  ("The God Thing")



                                                            Women in Film Luminas Award  (Toughlove)

                                                            Scott Newman Drug Prevention Award (Toughlove)

                                                            Writers Guild of America Award (Hill Street Blues)

                                                            Humanitas Award(s) (M*A*S*H; Hill Street Blues; Roseanne)