It had to happen...

I have started to collect fellow Jesuit groupies.  None of us really understand this fetish.  I believe it's something akin to women who are irrationally attracted to prison inmates.  It's just that we're irrationally attracted to guys with four doctorates who speak fifteen languages and are obsessed with theology.


This page is my next project.  Here's what I plan to put up:

(1) The Jesuit jokes page

(2) Recommended reading for Jesuit Junkies

(3) A serious page (yes, really) about Jesuit Spirituality and why it attracts the people it attracts.

(4) A page where we can all exchange ideas about what we can do to ensure that there will be future Jesuits for us to obsess about.  (Meanwhile, click on the logo below.)  Because to be honest, though we joke about it, we are people who truly love Jesuit Spirituality and truly want to support its future.  (And would sign up if they'd let us, but that's another story...)

Note: If you are a fellow Jesuit groupie and would like to be updated about this site, please e-mail me and let me know.  I'll add you to the growing list.  Thanks!

Stay tuned...